14 Baby Must Haves For New Moms

14 baby must haves for the new mom, including 2 you can make right at home!

Baby Must Haves…need or want?

It’s safe to say that the first time mom has plenty on her plate. Prepping a nursery. finalizing the birth plan and simply trying to stay comfortable are tall tasks (hey, you try sleeping with 35 pillows).


On top of all of this is the daunting job of sorting through hundreds, neigh, thousands of potential baby products for the new arrival. While reasonable people can agree that the line between a baby item “need” and “want” is at best blurry, there are most certainly a handful of items that make life for the new mom a little easier (and comfortable).


The following are 14 products that we’ve collected from savvy moms around the web and think you might want to consider adding to your checklist (or registry even). Some are brand specific, while others are not. Take a look and let us know in the comments…what did we miss? Whats your must have baby product?

A Baby Carrier

Baby Must Have Carry Device

The guys over at Red Tricycle name “the wrap” as one of the 15 Newborn Must-Haves for moms just getting started. Whether you go with a wrap, a pouch-sling, a mei tai, a buckle/soft-structured carrier or a ring-sling (yes, go ahead and google them all), this is a baby must have that you might want to add to the top of your registry.


Baby Must Have Adien and Annai Swaddle


The ladies over at The Bump lock in swaddles as one of their 11 New-Mom Must-Haves. While learning the art of the swaddle-wrap carries a bit of a learning curve (don’t worry, it comes quick), you can be sure life will be made easier by soft fabric with ample coverage. The last thing you need is a well-wrapped baby wiggling free moments later because you only had so much swaddle to work with. 

The Nose Sucking Device

Baby Must Have Nose Suker

Is this baby must have glamorous? No. Essential? Heck yes. Basically tool numero uno in our family survival kit during cold/runny nose season, we’re happy to see the Idealist Mom add the Nose Frida to her list of 7 Surprising Baby Must-Haves. Yes, that moment will come where your sweet baby will need to be, ahem, un-blocked. Be sure you’re prepared!



Baby Must Have Aquaphor

The list of 21 Oft-Overlooked, Must-Have Items for Your Baby Registry from The Huffington Post is relatively comprehensive in nature. But it’s the Aquaphore we’re interested in. Cold weather, drool, dry air and diapers can wreak havoc on a baby’s skin. Keep a bottle of this handy to protect your little one during all seasons.




A Nursing Pillow

Baby Must Have Nursing Pillow

Like many lists, the Top 30 Baby Must-Haves from Get Clued In includes a nursing pillow. Suggesting both the Boppy and Brest Friends as options, these items are truly a nursing mothers lifesaver. Don’t fall for the trap that a couple of pillows and a strategically placed blanket can get the same job done. Ever tried to comfortably position a tired, screaming, hungry baby for nursing or a bottle-feeding? You’d have better luck with a crocodile.



Munchkin Bottle Brush

Baby must have bottle cleaner

New babies come with bottles. Lot, and lots of bottles. If you’ve ever tried to wash said baby bottles with your standard dish-washing lineup of tools (gross!) , you know there are some teeny-tiny nooks and crevices to get to. For this, you’ll want the exact tool for the job; The Munchkin Bottle Brush. The perfect size to negotiate in and out of bottles with a detachable nipple brush, It’s why Big City Moms added it to their list of New Mom Must-Haves.


Baby Einstein Take Along Tunes

Baby Must Have Baby Eintstein

When Mint Arrow added the Baby Einstein Take Along Tunes to their Best Baby Registry List Ever, we knew we had a kindred spirit. While we’ll concede that this item truly checks the “want” box, it’s darn close to being a necessity in our home.  With the pretty flickering lights and classical tunes from Mozart, Vivaldi, Rossini and Chopin…baby and parent just might be ushered to happy-land. We’ll add this one to the baby maybe must have list…


A Car Seat Canopy

Baby must Have carseat canopy

The Blossoming Bump breaks down the simple steps to creating your own car seat canopy in the event any store-bought versions just don’t match your color-theme/tastes. Whether you decide to make or buy, this simple addition is terrific for helping protect baby from harsh weather elements, loud noises in a crowded area, and daylight when he needs a few more winks.


A Baby Monitor

Baby Must Have Video Monitor

Maybe you are like The Alpha Mom, who in her Post Baby Monitors; Which One is Right For You and Your Baby? acknowledged that she believed perhaps her maternal instinct would keep her so in tune with her baby that she’d “just know” when he was crying. OR, maybe, just maybe, you are an exhausted mom who would give her left ring-finger for a 10-minute nap in her favorite nook nowhere near baby’s room, from which you are 99% sure he can smell you. In which case, a baby monitor would give you that delightful piece of mind of being connected while still giving you freedom to roam. Happy Napping!

*Bonus Tip: One of our favorite benefits of the video monitor is being able to quietly watch from a distance as baby sweetly talks and claps


Diaper Cream (made by you!)

Baby Must Have Diaper Cream

One of mother natures cruelest tricks, a diaper rash might be one of those things that hurts mom and dad just as much as baby (if not physically, definitely emotionally). Red, raw and sometimes oozy, you’ll go to super-great lengths to a) nip that rash in the bud, and b) see to it that it doesn’t happen again. While frequent diaper changes and thorough bottom-wipings are all part of the game plan, sometimes only a thick lather of baby butt cream will do the trick. Yes, you have your hands full with over the counter choices, but why not go the homemade route? Check out “The Best Homemade Diaper Rash Cream” from Little House Living. It’s quick and easy, and popular (no, seriously…it has over 21k shares on Pinterest).


A Changing Pad

Baby Must Have Changing Pad an Cover

Not overly expensive ($29 from Summer Infant), a changing pad helps make wrastlin’ that little gator of yours just a tad bit easier and a little more secure. With contoured sides and a convenient safety belt, those truly hectic moments when things get, shall we say, a little messy, allow you full access with both hands to your array of baby supplies without worrying about a quick escape. If you’d like to add a touch of personal flair to fit your nursery’s theme, check out this great tutorial from View From the Fridge on how to Sew a Changing Pad Cover.

*Bonus Tip; Extend the life of your changing pad covers and other would-be changing surfaces with these convenient and comfy Bamboo Changing Pad Liners.


A Nursery Chair

Baby Must Have Nursery Rocker

While perhaps a luxury and not a necessity, the nursery chair tends to become mom and baby’s “home base” for sweet connections in the early days and months. Having a comfy and convenient location for those late-night feedings or desperate bedtimes helps an already exhausted, sore and dedicated mamma be just a little bit more ergonomically positioned. If you don’t feel like springing for pricier options from some of the baby stores, enlist hubby or grandpa-to-be to make your own! Mrs Wiggle Bottom has a great tutorial on Turning a Chair Into a Rocker that you can follow for a price-friendly alternative.


A Bouncy Seat

Baby Must Have Bouncer

Mom-to-be thought: “Why would I ever want to put my bundle of joy down?”. New mom reality: “My word, how can I get two blessed minutes to pour some cereal?”. Enter, the bouncy seat. Providing sanity for parents and entertainment for babies, these safe little devices area easily moved from room to room and usually allow the attachment of entertaining devices (mirrors, a mobile, toys, etc.) to occupy curious babies. While this modern baby bounce chair reviewed over at www.coolmompicks.com is on the creme-dela-creme side of things pricewise, you get the idea.

Activity Table

Baby Must Have Play Table

Babies have that “fun” in-between phase where they aren’t exactly happy with being on their bum or crawling around, but standing solo isn’t happening yet either. Enter the Activity Table. Filled with fun noises, spinning wheels and even multi-lingual educational phrases, it’s no wonder one mamma ranked the Fisher Price Laugh and Learn Puppy and Friends Learning Table as a must have in her list of the Top 25 Newborn Baby Items.

You’re Turn!

Not every item on this list is for every mom, and that’s OK. But it does beg the question, what are the must-haves on your list? Let us know in the comments below…we can’t wait to hear!